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Cabana 20 (Autumn/Winter 2023): Covers by TIFFANY & Co.

Cabana 20 (Autumn/Winter 2023): Covers by TIFFANY & Co.

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  • Printed, bound and wrapped in silk for the first time, the Cabana Magazine N20 edition marks a series of first-ever, never-before-seen stories from our global team of collaborators and contributors. Featuring six never-before-seen homes in New York, Milan, Belgium and Paris, two major travel reports in Malta and Gujarat, and the long-awaited restoration of one of England's most exalted addresses, this issue is packed with exclusive first-looks that we are honored to share.

Design icon, Roberto Peregalli, entrusted Cabana with the revelation of a deeply personal space in Milan. Elsewhere in the city, textile designer Idarica Gazzoni invited Cabana to unveil her spectacular new home, an elegant palace of patterns and textures. The restoration of the private part of Castle Howard, one of the greatest English properties, famously set in the film "Brideshead" by Remy Renzullo, shines in photographs by Derry Moore. In New York, nonagenarian artist Barbara Jakobson opened her red-lacquered doors for the first time, revealing a life well lived and rich in collections. In Belgium, fashion designer Edward Vermuelen's evocative home shows the impact of light, scale and rigor. Meanwhile, in Paris, the antique-filled apartment of Sotheby's president Mario Tavella is a rare delight in every way. In Malta, through the eyes of Miguel Flores-Vianna, designer Suzanne Sharp recalls her childhood and explores the complexities of Maltese identity and history, finding the country's resilience and charm alive and well preserved in its ancient streets and behind closed doors.

Edition with gray cover and orange spine
Author: AA.VV.
Publisher: CABANA Magazine

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