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Enzo Mari - SELF-DESIGN?

Enzo Mari - SELF-DESIGN?

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The book consists of a project created by Enzo Mari in '74 and represents a stimulus (and a provocation) to link creativity to everyone's constructive capacity, following and/or modifying the trace given by design drawings by Enzo Mari for the creation of a chair, a table, a wardrobe, a bed…

The book resumes the previous publication Proposal for a self-planning curated by the Duchamp center and printed on the occasion of the exhibition at the Galleria Milano, to which are added the texts by Mari himself commenting on this operation, the documentation of what the first release of the project caused (letters, comments, articles), images, drawings and a reflection on the relevance of today's proposal.

Author: Enzo Mari

Publisher: Corraini Editions

Editorial format: Spiral
Format: 23×16
Pages: 64
B/W images: 39
Language: IT-GB
Year: 2017 (2002)

ISBN: 9788887942675

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