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spezierie palazzo vecchio

Home fragrance - Tuscania

Home fragrance - Tuscania

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WOODY and AMBER accord

Pineapple, Bergamot, Iris and Cedar Wood
Woody and amber fragrance with natural pineapple aroma. With Bergamot, Iris and Cedar Wood. Strong, decisive and original. Ideal in autumn and winter


Pineapple, Bergamot, Iris, Cedar

Supplied with a pack of natural rattan sticks which enhance its olfactory characteristics.

Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio celebrates the tradition of niche perfumes and natural cosmetics, inheriting the ancient perfumery art that made Florence the capital of perfume during the Renaissance. Natural aromas, carefully selected, are capable of evoking magical atmospheres, telling stories, awakening memories and revealing mysteries. The precious Bohemian glass bottles hold the promise of a lifetime and continue to pass on the beauty of each fragrance over time.

The brand has always drawn inspiration from and valorises the Florentine Perfumery Art born thanks to Caterina Sforza de' Medici who, with her manuscript "Experimenti" from 1400, contributed to forming the famous Florentine Perfumers who then made Florence the Renaissance capital of the Perfume. All the fragrances created by Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio are known and appreciated for their originality, the richness of natural raw materials and persistence thanks to the wise and generous use of base notes.

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