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“God is a circle whose center is everywhere but whose circumference is nowhere.” The circle is associated with perfection, cyclicality, the superiority of the divine, but also instability and motion . In nature, soap bubbles are spherical and tree growth rings are circular; Giotto's O is said to be a perfect circle, while perfection is tangible in Michelangelo's Doni Tondo and Botticelli's Virgin and Child. King Arthur's knights gathered around a round table to symbolize their equality, so today we gather in a circle to make decisions or watch a show.

Bruno Munari collects and describes in this extraordinary, small encyclopedia, dozens of uses over the centuries of this fascinating and mysterious form, as unstable as it is hieratic.

With The square And The triangle it is part of a special trilogy dedicated to these forms, their history and their meanings and uses.

Author: Bruno Munari

Publisher: Corraini Editions

Editorial format: Paperback
Format: 15.5×15.5
Pages: 88
Language: IT-GB
Year: 2006

ISBN: 9788875700485

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