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Gangzaï Design

Philoman tray

Philoman tray

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GANGZAÏ is a French design brand born from a story of friendship, passion, love of graphics and unbridled humor. It offers collections of trays and pocket trays that are original, works of art that can be hung like a painting when not in use and with strong and poetic ideas, with the aim of making people smile, dream and travel in an imaginary and dreamlike.

Made from FSC certified birch veneer sheets

FSC, abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council is an international certification specific to the forestry sector and wood and non-wood products derived from forests. T he Forest Stewardship Council (or FSC for short) is an international non-profit NGO that has created an internationally recognized forest certification system. The purpose of the certification is correct forest management and the traceability of products derived from wood, such as paper and the wood itself.

Dimensions: 61 x 46 cm

Made in Sweden — FSC® certified

Each tray is dated by its creation date

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